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Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your selection to recruiting duty and assignment as a valued member of Team Great Lakes!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to Navy Talent Acquisition Group Great Lakes, which encompasses Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, Eastern Wisconsin and the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I believe you will find your job in the district to be challenging as well as rewarding. You will be given considerable personal freedom during your tour, perhaps more than ever before in your career, and I will rely on your judgment, initiative, and resourcefulness in providing qualified and motivated men and women to join today?s Navy. Navy Recruiting Station assignments are determined by the Chief Recruiter and based on your request and the needs of the district. To request a particular recruiting station you will need to contact the Chief Recruiter at 847-688-7100, ext 157.

The Navy Talent Acquisition Group Headquarters is located at 2834B Green Bay Road, Suite 266 Great Lakes, Ill., 60088. The administration office is open from 0900-1730 Monday through Friday and can be reached at 847-688-7100, ext. 150.

Again, we welcome you to Chicago and look forward to supporting your efforts while on duty at the Navy Talent Acquisition Group Great Lakes.


Reporting Aboard

When arriving to the NTAG Great Lakes area, report in the uniform of the day to your NRS.

If you are reporting for recruiting duty, the Chief Recruiter will determine your ultimate recruiting station assignment.


Government Leased Housing

To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.


Family Readiness

If you need to contact us via the Command Master Chief, call headquarters at (847) 688-7100, extension 150. When leaving a message on the CMDCM's phone, please state your name, the best way to contact you, and a brief message. In an absolute emergency (or if you are in a dangerous situation) you should call 911.




847-688-7100, ext. 150


2834B Green Bay Road Ste. 266
Great Lakes, IL 60088


0900 - 1730
Mon - Fri