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Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) — Headquartered in Millington, Tennessee, NRC’s mission is recruit the highest caliber Sailors to meet the needs of the Fleet. 


A dedicated, diverse, inclusive, and empowered team that is the undisputed talent acquisition leader in the Department of Defense.


From the time of the Revolutionary War, Navy recruiters have been a part of our country’s history.  In 1775, our first Navy recruiters were assigned to the Marine Committee, established during the nation’s war for independence.  As the importance of a naval force grew, the Secretary of the Navy assumed direct responsibility for recruiting.  The mission of recruiting was later delegated to the Bureau of Construction and Repair, and then to the Bureau of Navigation, with assignment to the Bureau of Naval Personnel in 1942. 
From 1942 to 1971, the Chief of Naval Personnel remained directly responsible for our Navy’s recruiting mission.  On April 6, 1971, in response to the end of the military draft and an increased emphasis on Navy recruiting, the Secretary of the Navy established the Navy Recruiting Command to serve as a field activity of the Chief of Naval Personnel.  The last draft calls were made in December of the following year. 
Navy Recruiting Command remained in Washington, D.C., until July 1999, when the headquarters relocated to its current facilities at Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Millington, Tennessee.
As Navy recruiting brought one century to a close and opened another, the recruiting force’s dedication to mission success and determination to shape the future of our Navy and our country remains constant.  With the ever-increasing technological sophistication of our Navy ships, submarines and aircraft, the Navy recruiter works tirelessly to find, inspire and recruit the best and brightest young men and women to serve this country in the diverse, high-tech Navy of the 21st century.