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Navy Recruiting Facts and Statistics

Headquartered in Millington, Tenn., NRC is located just north of Memphis on board Naval Support Activity Mid-South. Nationwide, Navy Recruiting covers the entire United States with twenty-six (26) Navy Talent Acquisition Groups, a Navy Recruiting Reserve Command, and a Recruiting School (NORU) that is commanded by two (2) Navy Recruiting Regions. Today, 6,056 active and reserve military, civilian and contract employees make up the command. Of those, more than 5,297 active and reserve officer and enlisted Sailors man 850 recruiting stations and centers throughout the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, and Europe. You can see how widely dispersed Navy recruiting really is across the United States, and for most areas of the country, Navy recruiters are the only visible face of the Navy.


The number of active and reserve enlisted and officer production recruiters currently totals 4,259. This is the average daily number of field recruiters across the United States. Working out of their individual Navy Recruiting Station (NRS), these recruiters call on approximately 25,782 public and 6,177 private high schools nationwide. Additionally, they access more than 2,750 two-year colleges and 2,490 four-year colleges. Approximately 161 NROTC units are located on U.S. college campuses.


Navy Recruiting Command’s main objectives: First, increase the quality of the total force by aggressively seeking qualified Sailors in 89 total ratings in the active and reserve, with emphasis being placed on specific areas: Officer and Enlisted diversity, Medical officers, Chaplains, SEALs, Navy Special Warfare, Navy Special Operations, Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Diver, Hospital Corpsmen and Reserves. Second, in order to smooth the flow of recruits into boot camp, NRC maintains a healthy pool of young men and women in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP). Management and mentorship of the applicants in DEP is critical. Third, NRC continues to provide needed support to our great nation and Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) demands by meeting the mission requirements for the other ratings that support NSW/NSO missions.


Even though the active enlisted mission is the largest mission number overall, the active enlisted goal is not the only goal NRC must reach. Reserve enlisted, as well as active and reserve officer missions, each present a different challenge.

FY24 FY 23 FY22

AC enlisted - 40,600

AC enlisted - 37,700

AC enlisted - 33,400

RC enlisted - 7,619

RC enlisted - 8,390

RC enlisted - 7,400

AC officer - 2,871

AC officer - 2,532

AC officer - 2,468

RC officer - 1,891

RC officer - 1,940

RC officer - 1,350

Total goal = 52,981

Total goal = 50,562

Total goal = 44,618

FY21 FY20 FY19

AC enlisted - 33,400

AC enlisted - 39,600

AC enlisted - 39,000

RC enlisted - 6,425

RC enlisted - 5,907

RC enlisted - 8,000

AC officer - 2,522

AC officer - 2,408

AC officer - 2,386

RC officer - 1,319

RC officer - 1,419

RC officer - 1,811

Total goal = 43,666

Total goal = 49,334

Total goal = 51,197

FY18 FY17 FY16

AC enlisted - 35,200

AC enlisted - 35,200

AC enlisted - 30,986

RC enlisted - 6,773

RC enlisted - 6,773

RC enlisted - 7,146

AC officer - 2,132

AC officer - 2,174

AC officer - 2,124

RC officer - 1,399

RC officer - 1,399

RC officer - 1,200

Total goal =45,504

Total goal =45,546

Total goal =41,456


Who We Recruit

Navy Recruiting is responsible for recruiting young men and women into the Active Duty and Naval Reserve enlisted force. We also recruit for Officer Candidate School, Officer Indoctrination School and process applications for Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps. Navy Recruiting does not recruit candidates for the Naval Academy.



Special emphasis is placed on specific NSW/NSO programs: SEALs, Navy Special Warfare, Navy Special Operations, Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Diver, Hospital Corpsmen and Reserves.



Diversity is a strategic imperative for the United States Navy. Navy leadership has clearly articulated their commitment to a diverse Navy. Improving diversity within the Navy is not only the right thing to do; it is the smart thing to do. Increasing the number of minority officers and the quality of minority Sailors in the Navy are critical elements for ensuring the productivity, growth, and success of this institution that we serve. Greater diversity enhances the Navy’s flexibility and expands our collective problem-solving capabilities. We defend the greatest nation in the world. The strength of our diversity directly and irrefutably helps us do so. The Navy will stay committed to improving that strength.



Life Ops. It allows a person to enter in personal preferences, likes and dislikes about career fields, which are then matched to the numerous opportunities in the Navy. The site is designed to answer the questions of potential recruits and their families, recognizing the need to include the family in enlistment decisions.


Quick Notes

The Navy is constantly seeking to enlist the best and brightest young men and women to succeed in today’s high-tech Navy environment.
High school graduates have shown by their performance their success in establishing and achieving an academic goal, and are more likely to succeed in Navy programs where strong emphasis is put on individual educational development.

The Navy offers world travel and the long tradition of "Navy camaraderie" - forging strong friendships with "shipmates." World-class Navy training and education gives Sailors highly marketable skills and puts them on the fast track to a bright future.