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Welcome Aboard

Dear Shipmate,


Welcome to the Pride of the Rockies, "Team Denver" Navy Talent Acquisition Group Rocky Mountain. I was notified of your assignment and look forward to you joining the team. This will be one of the most challenging and demanding jobs of your naval career. I am confident that you will do a superb job in your support of the command and in achieving our mission.


Your sponsor will be providing you with much of the information that is needed in making your transition to the area, as well as assisting you with any immediate transportation that may be needed once you have arrived. Please keep your sponsor advised of your leave address, travel plans and anticipated arrival date.


Personnel ordered to recruiting billets are ordered to Navy Recruiting District, Denver, then the Chief Recruiter determines where they are needed and will make the ultimate assignment of the recruiting station for the recruiter. Personnel ordered to a support billet will report to District Headquarters, Navy Recruiting District, Denver, as your ultimate assignment.


As the Navy's representative to the community, it is critical that you present a sharp, military image at all times. Remember, "You will never have a second chance to make a first impression." This command is isolated from other naval activities, making uniform articles difficult to obtain. Complete your sea bag now! All future uniform requirements can be obtained through the Navy uniform store by mail order. I know you will be prepared.


As a member of the military, you will not be required to obtain a Colorado driver's license, however, since you will be driving a government vehicle, ensure that your current license is valid.


Recruiting qualified, motivated men and women for the Navy is critical to our Navy and nation. Without successful recruiting, shortages of trained, qualified personnel would exist, having a serious impact on our nation's defense capabilities. The challenge is real and the Navy Recruiter is the only one who can meet it. I look forward to meeting and welcoming you personally to the Pride of the Rockies recruiting team. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at the above numbers or email.

Welcome aboard,      

CMDCM (SW/AW/EXW/FMF) Faron M. Uebelacker    

Command Master Chief, NTAG Rocky Mountain


Government Leased Housing

To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.


Contact Us

Navy Recruiting District Denver: 621 17th St., Suite 301, Denver, CO 80202

Local: (303) 866-1984 or toll Free: (657) 224-0102


CO (303) 866-1984 EXT. 1101

XO (303) 866-1984 EXT. 1102

CMC (303) 866-1984 EXT. 1103

Chief Recruiter: (303) 866-1984, Ext.1301

Administrative Department: (303) 866-1984, Ext.1110

Educational Specialist: (303) 866-1984, Ext.1201

Operations: (303) 866-1984, Ext.1104

Logistics Support Department: (303) 866-1984, Ext.1401

Leads/Marketing Department: (303) 866-1984, Ext. 1305

System Administration: (303) 866-1984, Ext.1601

Public Affairs Office: (303) 866-1984, Ext. 1903