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Welcome Aboard


Welcome to Navy Talent Acquisition Group Pittsburgh and to the US Navy Recruiting team! Whether support staff or recruiter, you are about to embark on the Navy’s most rewarding, and challenging assignments! Your unique duty to recruiting mission directly contributes to the US Navy’s ability to be fully mission ready with high quality Sailors and Officers.

Our region covers approximately 80,000 square miles of territory across the states of Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, and Maryland. It is motivated and dedicated professionals like you that are not afraid to embrace challenging tasks and make our command as successful as it is. You are now the face of the Navy and a role model to every high school and college student you interact with and that should not be taken lightly.

NTAG Pittsburgh is located on the 20th floor in room 2016 of the William S. Morehead Federal Building in downtown Pittsburgh at 1000 Liberty Ave. You can park across the street at the Greyhound terminal and enter the Federal building from the Liberty Ave side. There are elevators to your right or left that you can take to our offices.
If you are a recruiter and have not contacted our Chief Recruiter for your ultimate duty assignment, please do so by calling (410) 999-4147. If any issues arise and you aren’t able to contact your sponsor, please call me directly at (412) 852-3902 or (412) 735-5014.

Once again, welcome aboard Shipmate, and welcome to one of the Navy's finest teams!
CMDCM (SS/SW) Carl Christopher
Senior Enlisted Leader

Government Leased Housing
To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.

Family Readiness


NTAG Pittsburgh's Ombudsman

Selected by the commanding officer, your Ombudsman is a spouse of a member of the command who voluntarily serves as an official liaison between the command and its families. As a spouse, it's important to get acquainted with your local Ombudsman. The Ombudsman is not a counselor or a social worker, but can show you the direct route toward finding solutions by helping you get the assistance you need.


NTAG Pittsburgh Ombudsman

TAOC Steel City Ombudsman:

E-mail: | Phone: (412) 852-0015


TAOC Syracuse/Harrisburg Ombudsman: | Phone: (315) 816-2184


Contact Us

NTAG Pittsburgh Main: (412) 395-5895

Command Master Chief: (412) 395-5755

Command Duty Officer: (412) 445-8823

Admin: (412) 395-6824

Chief Recruiter: (410) 999-4147

Public Affairs Officer: (412) 395-5893

ROTC & Advanced Programs: (412) 395-5785

Education Services Officer: (412) 228-9183

Career Counselor: (412) 395-4635


MEPS Buffalo: (716) 297-0252


MEPS Syracuse: (315) 455-6593


MEPS Harrisburg: (717) 691-6990


MEPS Pittsburgh: (412) 395-5888