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Contact Information #1

Contact Information #2

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Ombudsman Phone Number

Mrs. Williams: 314-718-6209
Mrs. Hessell: 618-267-8045


Emergency Contact - Command Duty Officer

CDO Cell Phone: 314-374-3943


Executive Administration:

YNCS Tillman: 314-331-5046

Command Master Chief:

CMDCM Lady: 314-327-4894

Command Sponsor Coordinator:

FC1 Morley: 314-331-5038

Public Affairs Officer:

MC1 Williamson: 314-740-1334

Logistics Support Officer:

LSC Clark: 314-331-5030

Enlisted Programs:

LCDR Flament: 618-200-3142

Officer Programs:

LCDR Johnson: 314-750-1834

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator:

NC1 McCaddon: 618-240-9436

Anti-Terrorism Officer:

Mr. Randall: 417-461-4837

Executive Department



Executive Officer:

CDR Oakes: 314-313-0908

CO/XO Executive Assistant:

YNCS Tillman: 314-331-5046

Command Career Counselor:

NCC D'Angelo: 314-331-5048

Systems Admin Department



ADP Systems Administrator:

Mr. Jones: 314-331-4306

Admin Department



Admin Officer:

YNCS Tillman: 314-331-5046

Personnel Assistant:

PS1 Troy: 314-331-4312

Administrative Assistant:

YN1 Gordon: 314-331-4302

Operations Department



Future Operations Officer:



Enlisted Programs Officer:

LCDR Flament: 618-200-3142

Chief Recruiter:

NCCS Fitzmaurice: 224-202-0297

Asst. Chief Recruiter (Officer):

NCCS Zorda: 816-516-1732

Asst. Chief Recruiter (Enlisted):

NCCS Fields: 918-519-8047
NCC Gawthrop: 734-210-9020

Reserve Quality Assurance:



DEP Coordinator:

STGC Summerville: 618-513-8002


Mr. Cochuyt: 314-331-4321

Officer Recruiter-Medical Programs:

LTJG Rodgers: 618-210-9279

NROTC Coordinator:

NC1 Emannshucart: 314-413-7978

Nuclear Programs Coordinator:

MMNC Mostrom: 314-203-2104

Officer Programs Processor:

Mr. Jackson: 314-331-4330
Mrs. Thompson: 816-235-3421

Enlisted Processing



MEPS St. Louis

Mr. Meisch: 314-410-2196

MEPS Kansas City

Mr. Williams: 816-235-3419

Training Department



Command Trainer:

NCC Caperton: 314-705-0467

Marketing Department




NC1 Emannshucart: 314-413-7978

Leads Production Team:

NC1 White: 314-413-0718

Supply Department




LSC Clark: 314-331-5030

Purchasing Agent:

Mr. Trollope: 314-331-5070

Minor Property:

Mr. Edmunds: 314-331-5089

Travel Coordinator:

Mr. Trollope: 314-331-5070

Administrative Assistant:



Vehicle Coordinator:

LSC Clark: 314-331-5030

Public Affairs Department



Public Affairs Officer:

MC1 Williamson: 314-740-1334

Education Specialist




Mr. Dickson: 314-365-6177