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Welcome Aboard

When reporting aboard at NTAG Philadelphia, please contact our Admin department at (215) 697-3974/3984.

When arriving in the NTAG Philadelphia area, report in the uniform of the day to NTAG Philadelphia headquarters, located in Building 2D at
Naval Support Activity Philadelphia: 700 Robbins Ave., Philadelphia, Penn. 19111

Click here for a map.

For finalizing your ultimate duty assignment, contact the Chief Recruiter at (215) 697-4041.

For family questions, comments or concerns, contact our Ombudsman:
Mrs. Sierra Gold, email:, ph.: 215-851-2471
Mrs. Sabrina Savage, email:, ph.: 215-851-2471

or on the NTAG Philadelphia's Ombudsman Facebook page.

Be careful while using GPS, as this address tends to lead GPS units astray, so try to use the link posted above for complete accuracy.

Government Leased Housing
To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.

Family Readiness


NTAG Philadelphia's Ombudsman

Selected by the commanding officer, your Ombudsman is a spouse of a member of
the command who voluntarily serves as an official liaison between the command and its families.
As a spouse, it's important to get acquainted with your local Ombudsman.
The Ombudsman is not a counselor or a social worker, but can show you the
direct route toward finding solutions by helping you get the assistance you need.



CO/XO Secretary: (215) 697-3974

Command Master Chief: (215) 697-4007

Chief Recruiter: (215) 697-1043

Asst. Chief Recruiter: (215) 697-6372/7107

Administrative Dept: (215) 697-3974 Fax: (215) 697-4420

Officer Programs: (215) 697-7100 Fax: (215) 697-7110

Enlisted Programs: (215) 697-1361 Fax: (215) 697-1372

Logistics Support Dept: (215) 697-1047 Fax: (215) 697-4452

Leads/Marketing Dept: (215) 697-1407

Educational Specialist: (215) 697-4398 Fax: (215) 697-4696

Command Career Counselor: (215) 697-4381

Public Affairs: (215) 697-2020

System Administration: (215) 697-4388

NUC Programs: (215) 697-1364

Specwar: (215) 697-1042

District Trainer: (215) 697-1364

NROTC: (215) 697-1361

DEP Manager: (215) 697-1369 Fax: (215) 697-1372

NORS Baltimore: (410) 761-7419 Fax: (410) 766-6927

Fort Dix MEPS: (609) 562-6025 Fax: (609) 562-5190

Fort Mead MEPS: (301) 677-0723 Fax: (301) 677-0512



700 Robbins Ave., BLDG 2D

Philadelphia, PA 19111