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Welcome Aboard

We congratulate you on becoming a member of one of the finest and brightest recruiting teams of the nation! Whether you are assigned duties as a recruiter or as a member of the support staff, we welcome you to one of the most challenging and rewarding assignments in the Navy. We hope you will accept the challenge and the hard work necessary to become a member of our outstanding team of recruiters and support personnel.

Your sponsor will be providing you with much of the information that is needed in making your transition to the area, as well as assisting you with any immediate transportation that may be needed once you have arrived. Please keep your sponsor advised of your leave address, travel plans and anticipated arrival date. If you are in receipt of hardcopy orders, please contact the Chief Recruiter at (972) 439-7273.

If you have not been assigned a sponsor yet, or would like us to send you a welcome aboard package, please contact our Administration Department: 1-972-714-8300, ext. 224.


Reporting Aboard

When arriving to the Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Red River area, report in the uniform of the day to NTAG Red River located in Suite 150 at 6440 N. Beltline Road, Irving, Tx. 75063.

All newly reporting personnel (regardless of your ultimate station assignment) must begin check-in at the Admin Office at headquarters.

If you are reporting for recruiting duty, the Chief Recruiter will determine your ultimate recruiting station assignment.


Government Leased Housing

To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.

Family Readiness
Contact the NTAG Red River Ombudsman by phone at (903) 676-6073



Phone: (972) 714-8300 + Ext.

CO: Ext. 226
XO: Ext. 227

Command Master Chief: Ext. 234. Direct Line: 214-605-4733

Chief Recruiter: Ext. 260.

Asst. Chief Recruiter: 619-550-7769 Ext. 260

Enlisted Production Officer ph# 972-834-5319

Administrative Dept: Ext. 224. Fax: (972) 714-8338

Officer Programs: Ext. 245. Fax: (972) 714-8343

Enlisted Programs: Ext. 247, 270. Fax: (972) 714-8340/8341

Logistics Support Dept: Ext. 232. Fax: (972) 714-8345

LEADS/Marketing ph# 904-293-5220

Supply Ext. 228
Education Specialist: (214) 399-1632

Public Affairs Officer ph# 972-310-1890

System Administrator: Ext. 275. Fax: (917) 714-8347

Health Benefits Advisor: Ext. 221

NUC/Reserve QA/Spec. Programs: Ext. 250, 255. Fax : (972) 714-8348

District Trainer: Ext. 266/276. Fax - (972) 756-6690

NROTC: (469) 615-6791.

DEP Manager: Ext. 249.

NORS Lubbock: (806) 744-3922 Fax: (806) 744-0623

Oklahoma OPO: (405) 681-2576 Fax: (405) 681-2634

Dallas MEPS: (214) 655-3232/3233/3234 Fax: (214) 655-3263

Amarillo MEPS: (806) 376-1174/1175 Fax: (806) 372-9522

Oklahoma City MEPS: (405) 609-8733 Fax: (405) 609-8730/8731



6440 N. Beltline Rd, STE 150

Irving, TX 75063