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Welcome Aboard

Congratulations on your selection to recruiting duty! You will find recruiting one of the most rewarding career experiences that the Navy has to offer. As you, or you and your family members, get settled in to New England please read the command's mission statement, vision and Commanding Officer's Philosophy of what is expected of each Sailor during their tour at the elite NTAG New England. On this page, you will also find links to resources that will help you, or you and your family, get settled in prior to reporting. Please download our Welcome Aboard Letter from our command career counselor to get an understanding of what programs and resources are available to you.

Welcome Aboard Package


Reporting Aboard

When arriving to the NTAG New England area, report in the uniform of the day to Navy Recruiting District New England located on the 3rd floor of the Barnes Building at 495 Summer Street, Boston, Mass., 02210. All newly reporting personnel (regardless of your ultimate station assignment) must begin check-in at the ADMIN Office at headquarters. If you are reporting for recruiting duty, the Chief Recruiter will determine your ultimate recruiting station assignment.


Government Leased Housing

To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.


Contact Us

Command Duty Officer: (617) 721-9223

Command Master Chief: (617) 753-4363

Chief Recruiter: (954) 654-0464

Public Affairs Office: (617) 753-4594

Administrative Department: (617) 753-3090

Officer Programs: (617) 753-4501

Enlisted Programs: (617) 753-3041

System Administration: (617) 753-4793

Leads/Marketing Department: (617) 753-3322

Medical Officer Programs: 617-753-3995

Officer Processing / OPO: 857-329-2479

Educational Specialist: (617) 753-3294

Command Career Counselor: (617) 753-3988