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Navy Recruiting Command uses volunteers from the Officer/Enlisted community to participate in three worthwhile Recruiting programs. These programs are excellent ways to return Sailors home to tell friends, family, educators etc. about the benefits of a naval career, share their experiences and achievements and enhance the Navy image in the community. The Navy benefits by having an additional recruiting asset to relay the navy experience to centers of influence. Public speaking and local media exposures are often arranged for the volunteers.

Hometown Area Recruiting Program (HARP)
The Hometown Area Recruiting Program (HARP) allows Sailors to report to the nearest Recruiting Station to their hometowns for 30 days to assist local recruiters by relating their Navy experiences to their peers. Members who participate in the program may do so either on permissive no-cost Temporary Additional Duty (TAD) orders, or while on leave in conjunction with permanent change of station (PCS) orders. (1150-4 Form) | (1306-92) | (1306-93 Rev 10-21)

Bluejacket Hometown Area Recruiting Program (BJHARP) (FUNDING NOT AVAILABLE TO DATE)
Bluejacket Harp Duty will fund worldwide roundtrip travel as funding permits for selected junior sailors to their hometowns. The member may travel by air, or Privately Owned Vehicle (POV). If the member chooses to travel (POV), the cost cannot exceed the cost of roundtrip airfare at the government rate. Orders must be for a minimum of two weeks starting on a Monday and ending on a Friday. Due to the nature of duty under the Bluejacket HARP program, the member will either receive a short indoctrination at a designated location in a fleet concentration area or at the Recruiting Station upon arrival. After the request is processed and approved, information with specific locations, times and dates will be sent to the Command Career Counselor via email.

Officer Hometown Area Recruiting Program (OHARP)
OHARP returns Navy Officers to their hometown for 179 days on either permissive no cost temporary additional duty (TAD) orders or while on leave in conjunction with permanent change of station (PCS) orders. (1150-5 Form)

Senior Minority Assistance to Recruiting Program (SEMINAR)
Seminar is targeted towards African American, Hispanic, and Asian/Pacific Islander, but participation is open to other minorities who volunteer in pay grades E-6 through O-6. SEMINAR is performed for 20 calendar days in conjunction with normal rotation and is subject to availability (CHNAVPERS APPROVAL), which will be included in PCS orders. 

HARP Duty After Action Report
Recruiters-In-Charge may fill out this form below to recommend Sailors who have exhibited exceptional recruiting performance while on HARP duty.

Point of contact for HARP and OHARP is Sherry Secrease, Program Manager, at 901-874-9177/DSN 882 or via e-mail at
Point of contact for SEMINAR is NCC Latonya Perossier, Program Manager, at (901) 874-7264/DSN 882 or via e-mail at