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Ombudsman Phone Number



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Emergency Contact - Command Duty Officer



Executive Administration:

PSC(SW/AW) Lonnie Paul / 713-236-0094

Command Master Chief:

CMDCM(AW/SCW) Dewayne L. Benjamin / 650-537-2731

Command Sponsor Coordinator:

PSC Susan Figueroarubira / 831-585-7883

Public Affairs Officer:

MM2(SW/AW) Madelaine Marcelino / 669-251-5188

Logistics Support Officer:

QMCS Erika A. Cervantes / 650-208-7561

Enlisted Programs:

LT Terryll Daguison / 415-317-0712

Officer Programs:

LCDR Karlton L. Mitchell / 916-825-7711

Command Ombudsman:

Mrs. Lori Vinas / 916-501-6913

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinator:

ET1(SW/AW) Jake J. Phillips / 951-750-0056

Anti-Terrorism Officer:

Mr. Martin Vories / 510-362-3005

Executive Department



Executive Officer:

CDR Clinton Ceralde / 650-522-0521

CO/XO Executive Assistant:


Command Career Counselor:

PSC Susan Figueroarubira / 831-585-7883

Systems Admin Department



ADP Systems Administrator:



Admin Department



Admin Officer:

PSC(SW/AW) Lonnie Paul / 713-236-0094

Personnel Assistant:

PS1(SW/AW) Anthony Martinez / 650-603-9607

Administrative Assistant:

YN1 (AW/EXW/IW) Kris Keating / 650-603-9614

Operations Department



Future Operations Officer:



Enlisted Programs Officer:

LT Terryll Daguison / 415-317-0712

Chief Recruiter:

NCCM Jermaine Brown / 314-331-5083

Asst. Chief Recruiter (Officer):

NCCM Andrew Lo / 602-501-8134


Asst. Chief Recruiter (Enlisted):

NCCS Lawrence Limage / 703-593-2439


NCCS Banjo Dela Cruz / 601-383-6235

Reserve Quality Assurance:



DEP Coordinator:

MM2(SW/AW) Madelaine Marcelino / 669-251-5188


Mr. Jovincent Del Mundo / 510-377-8191


Officer Recruiter-Medical Programs:

LT Randy Ramirez / 925-595-1708


NROTC Coordinator:

NC1(AW) Byung Jung / 925-580-8517


Nuclear Programs Coordinator:

EMN1(SW) Mario Sanchez / 510-414-1906


Officer Programs Processor:

Ms. Jesse Jimenez


Officer Programs Processor:

Ms. Ysabelle Dejesus


Enlisted Processing





546 Vernon Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043


Mr. Shawn Akbari / (559) 352-7032


MEPS (Your Location)


1651 Alhambra Blvd, Suite #100, Sacramento, CA 95816


Mr. Waynes Agustin / 916-309-3017


MEPS (Your Location)






MEPS (Your Location)






Training Department



Command Trainer:

NCCS Arturo Revelo / 708-821-6128

Marketing Department




NC1 Eugene Cabral / 614-980-1499

Leads Production Team:

HMC (FMF/SCW/EXW/CAC) Clarence Perry / 669-287-6140

Supply Department




QMCS Erika A. Cervantes / 650-208-7561

Purchasing Agent:

Mr. Ed Kahana


Minor Property:



Travel Coordinator:



Administrative Assistant:



Vehicle Coordinator:

LS2 Jason A. Hewitt / 650-603-9647

Public Affairs Department



Public Affairs Officer:

MM2(SW/AW) Madelaine Marcelino / 510-205-8746

Education Specialist




Mr. Charles Roeder / 650-280-4232