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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the New York Recruiting District Team and congratulations on your selection for one of the Navy's most important and challenging assignments! Recruiting is a unique duty assignment, one where your contributions directly affect our Navy's ability to man the Fleet and be fully mission ready every day. It requires strong, motivated men and women who embrace unique challenges and believe in the opportunity our Navy has to offer other deserving young adults.


Now, let me tell you about the district you are joining. Navy Recruiting District (NRD) New York extends from New York to New Jersey. We are roughly 200 military and civilian members strong, manning a Headquarters in Garden City, New York and approximately 35 recruiting stations.


NRD New York is in TRICARE Region East. TRICARE Prime "Remote" is appropriate for active duty members assigned to NRD New York. Some Recruiters will not be near a military Medical Treatment Facility. The command also has a Health Benefits Advisor (HBA) available to help answer your TRICARE questions and assist you with all TRICARE related issues. The HBA can be reached by contacting Headquarters and asking for the current HBA contact information.


You are required to report to NRD New York Headquarters for check-in processing. The entire process will take approximately one week to complete. It is important you bring your original orders, P-File, supporting personnel documentation and receipts. Your completed travel claim will be forwarded to Personal Support Detachment (PSD) Groton, CT. PSD is approximately 132 miles away and the majority of business is conducted through email. I strongly encourage you to find a residence within reasonable commuting distance from your assigned station. Traffic in New York is like nowhere else. What may have been a "reasonable" distance at another station may not be as reasonable in New York. Often a 20 mile drive can take upwards of 90 minutes. Reach out to your sponsor for assistance.


Until your sponsor is assigned, contact the Chief Recruiter at (516) 683-2524 or anyone listed below. Again, welcome to NRD New York!

spacerCommander Christian Gaskill
spacerCommanding Officer, NRD New York



Reporting Aboard

When arriving to the NRD New York area, report in the uniform of the day to Navy Recruiting District New York, 990 Stewart Avenue, Suite 220, Garden City, New York 11530.


All newly reporting personnel (regardless of your ultimate station assignment) must begin check-in at the Admin Office at headquarters.


If you are reporting for recruiting duty, the Chief Recruiter will determine your ultimate recruiting station assignment.


Government Leased Housing

To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.



BAH Rates


1. NRD New York Telephone Numbers:

spacerCommanding Officerspacer(516) 683-2501
spacerExecutive Officerspacer(516) 683-2502
spacerCommand Master Chiefspacer(516) 683-2532
spacerChief Recruiterspacer(516) 683-2524
spacerAdministrative Officerspacer(516) 683-2518



Since no government messing or quarters available, all personnel will draw BAS and BAH.


3. Pay.

The servicing PSD is located in Groton, CT, which is a two hour drive from the District Headquarters in Garden City, NY.


4. Apartment/Housing Availability

In most areas throughout the district there is an abundance of housing available for rent or purchase. Your sponsor will include information on apartment renting or housing availability specific to the area you may wish to settle.


5. Utilities.

Will be incurred when establishing a residence and may vary based on local area utility requirements, so plan accordingly.


6. Rental deposits.

Most apartment complexes and rental homes require one month's rent, one month security deposit, and a broker's fee. This could total the equivalent of three months' rent.


7. Uniforms.

NRD New York's uniform policies are governed by Commander, Navy Region Mid Atlantic. Naval Weapons Station Earle has limited uniform items (NWUs, PT, etc.). The nearest major Naval installation where all uniforms may be purchased is Naval Submarine Base, Groton, CT. Use of the Navy Uniform Center is highly recommended. Their number is (860) 446-5400 or go online at www.mynavyexchange.com/uniform. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of uniforms prior to reporting to NRD New York.


8. Working Hours.

Though working hours may vary, the normal working hours are - Support personnel: 0800-1630 and Recruiters: 0900-1730.


9. Medical/Dental/TRICARE.

Medical/Dental facilities are provided through TRICARE Prime Remote for most personnel. Prior to reporting, contact our HBA by calling Headquarters and asking for the current contact information.


10. School/Adult Education.

There are vast educational opportunities throughout New York through public and private schools as well as Universities and Community Colleges. Consistent with workload, all personnel are encouraged to further their education.
















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