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Congratulations on your orders to Navy Talent Acquisition Group New Orleans! Welcome to the Navy’s premier talent acquisition command, affectionately known as the “Powerhouse.” We are here to make your transition to the command as smooth as possible.
NTAG New Orleans is on the forefront of the Commander, Navy Recruiting Command’s transformation initiative, and we are leading the nation with a new and innovative approach to recruiting. Through smart and efficient talent acquisition, we place the best men and women into the right jobs in the Navy to ensure mission success and sustain the Fleet.
At NTAG New Orleans, you will be joining over 100 Shipmates, each dedicated to supporting our Nation and our Navy by prospecting, identifying, processing and training the best that our communities have to offer. This job is not for the meek at heart. Keep in mind that 72% or more of our Nation’s civilian population will not meet eligibility requirements to serve in the military and that our sister services and civilian job market are all competing for the best of the best. žI don’t say this to discourage you about your upcoming role as a Navy Recruiter but instead to challenge you to learn as much as you can while at Recruiting School. Seek out successful recruiters and learn from them. Find innovative ways to identify qualified applicants and get the Navy seen and heard in your local community. Our Shipmates and fellow service members currently serving on the front lines need our total commitment to recruiting. Our Nation is counting on us.
Below is some helpful information that may answer some of your questions. I realize this will not address all of your concerns so I’ve also included some phone numbers for you. We are standing by to assist in any way.

Schools - Depending on the ultimate geographic area to which you are assigned, there are several options for public or private school. You can obtain information from your state’s Department of Education at the following

Fleet and Family Support Center - Provide all standard FFSC services (relocation assistance, SEAP, TAP, Financial counseling, home buying seminars, family counseling, parenting classes, etc). There are several Navy bases in our geography that have available FFSC centers.ž You can obtain contact information for FFSC at

Military One Source - Since many of our stations are not in the immediate vicinity of a military installation, we encourage the use of Military One Source to address any issues or questions that you might normally refer to a Fleet and Family Support Center. I have enclosed some information in your package that details the serves of Military One Source and highly recommend them to our Sailors. However, the chain of command is always her to assist in any issue or obstacle you might encounter.

Medical and Dental Care - Depending on your station assignment, you may be utilizing a local area medical treatment facility or may need to contact Tricare Region South to find out local providers which accept TRICASRE for medical as well as dental.

Government Leased Housing - If you are assigned to a recruiting station that is more than 60 minutes from a military installation, you may be eligible to apply for the Government Leased Housing (GLH) program. You may review eligibility and application procedures by going to the CNRC website. This program allows you to live in a house or apartment (depending on paygrade and number of dependents) and enter into a contract/lease with the Army Corps of Engineers. Your utilities are included in your rent but you give up your BAH. žIf you are interested in this program, contact LSC Aminisha Daniel at (504) 678-5855 or so she can assist you with the application process.

Base Housing - If you are assigned to an area station within 60 minutes of NAS Meridian, NAS Pensacola, JRB New Orleans or CBC Gulfport, you are eligible to reside in base housing but must apply for housing at the individual base.
If you desire to purchase a home, I recommend contacting a realtor in the local area for specific information.

Physical Fitness - Many of our recruiting stations conduct PT together three times each week. Each of our recruiting stations belongs to a recruiting division and some of our divisions do PT together each week. Since many of our stations are geographically separated from each other, this can present a logistics challenge. However, physical fitness must be maintained while on recruiting duty.

Education - While assigned to NRD New Orleans, you are encouraged to seek higher education. Upon reporting, you will be focused on learning your new job, administrative duties, area of responsibility, visiting schools, etc. After that, however it is recommended that you seek means to develop your education via CLEP exams, DANTES, distance learning, online education, or classroom instruction. It is usually a good idea to start with a visit to a college counselor to determine what your degree program interests are, what programs are available and which learning method best suits your learning style and work/family schedule. Do not let your entire three-year shore duty pass without pursuing education.

SDAP - Your Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP) will not start until you complete your basic recruiter qualification.
BAH - Your BAH will be based on the zip code for your Ultimate Duty Assignment (UDA), and NOT the zip code of your residence. Be aware of this when negotiating a lease or when purchasing a home.

Hurricane Preparedness - Since many of our recruiting stations are on the Gulf Coast, we are constantly prepared for evacuation due to hurricane. I do not say this to cause concern but to make you aware that we do have a Hurricane Preparedness Plan, which denotes that each Sailor is responsible for making themselves and their family members aware of evacuation routes in your local area. During hurricane season (1 Jun to 30 Nov), you must have a hurricane preparedness kit, which provides for you, family, and/or pets. You should also establish two separate places you can go in the event of an evacuation. Upon check-in, you will be asked to provide your evacuation contact information. The information must provide names, phone numbers (no cell numbers) and addresses of where you intend to evacuate.

Helpful Phone Numbers and email addresses:
Admin Officer: YNC Jackson – (504)678-6918 –
Admin Office: (504)678-6700
Personnel Office: Mrs. Jackson – (504)678-6933 –
Chief Recruiter: NCCM Scott – (504)491-5782 –
PSD New Orleans: (504)678-2546 or (504) 678-2295
CCC: YN1 Meier – (504)678-0445 –

NTAG New Orleans' Commanding Officer is Cmdr. Rodger Phelps, the Executive Officer is Cmdr. Chris Brown and the Command Master Chief is CMDCM Alan Carmona.


We are located at 400 Russell Ave. Bldg. 192 onboard the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans. If you are reporting as a recruiter or support person and would like to contact the department you will be working in, or your recruiting station, click here for our list of telephone numbers. Click here for a list of our recruiting stations

NTAG New Orleans Mission

Our Mission is to recruit and develop men and women for service in the United States Navy and Navy Reserve, provide continuous professional and personal development for our people, and promote a positive Navy image in our local communities.

NTAG New Orleans Vision

Our vision in an unbeatable, motivated Navy recruiting force that targets and attracts the right talent to support the size, shape, and stability required in Command Navy Personnel's 'fill to fit' strategy; the right person in the right job.


Government Leased Housing

To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.


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