Two Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Miami Sailors’ vigilance paid off, April 20, when they rescued a trapped motorist from a vehicle involved in a “T-bone” style accident in Brooksville, Fla.


Sonar Technician 1st Class Steven Guiffere and Operations Specialist 2nd Class Eric Green were driving back to their recruiting stations when they witnessed a two vehicle collision. The two Sailors sprang into action to aid the motorists, with Guiffere pulling an unconscious man from one of the vehicles before it could roll into a nearby ditch.

“Petty Officer Green and I were driving when we saw the accident,” said Guiffere. “We noticed the gentleman in one of the vehicles was unconscious, so we ran to his vehicle in attempt to free him. The car was idling before I stopped it and the doors were locked, but I was able to unlock passenger door after squeezing my arm in the driver’s side window. After that, I engaged the parking brake, and put the car in park,” he added. “I was able to get the keys and stop the vehicle. Green and I carried the man to his passenger side until paramedics arrived.”

Green stated that one of the occupants of the other vehicle involved in the accident was a pregnant woman.

“After Petty Officer Guiffere freed the gentleman from the other vehicle, I sat with a woman who was in the other vehicle,” said Green. “She had bruises on her legs and a cut on her stomach. I called 911 and waited with her until the ambulance arrived.”

Guiffere explained that he and Petty Officer Green did not think twice about chasing the moving vehicle to free the victim from the car.

“We saw someone in harm and wanted to help,” said Guiffere. “We were able to do it without a second thought due to the training that we have received in the Navy. We are just glad that we were in the right place at the right time and able to help.”

The paramedics transported both victims to the local emergency room and local law enforcement interviewed Green about his account of the accident.

“Petty Officers Guiffere and Green are prime examples of the moral and physical courage our U.S. Navy Sailors display on a consistent basis. Never bystanders! Always ready to respond when called upon and act when needed,” said Cmdr. Delmy Robinson, NRD Miami commanding officer.

The mission of NRD Miami is to recruit high quality, diverse Future Sailors to meet the strategic manning requirements of America’s Navy.


The territory covers three major metropolitan areas in Florida including Tampa, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, as well as the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


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