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Congratulations on your assignment to Navy Recruiting District (NRD), San Francisco. We welcome you as a new member of our recruiting team. Please ensure your Command Access Card (CAC) is updated with all three certificates before you PCS from your command or before checking into NRD San Francisco.
Recruiting quality people to meet the needs of the Navy is a critically important assignment. It requires personal initiative and exceptional judgment. Think back on your Naval career and the people with whom you have met and served. Each was recruited in one way or another. What sort of mark would you give the recruiter in each case? When you think of recruiting with this perspective in mind, you will understand the manner in which each recruiter performs their duties and the types of people they enlist have an effect on the Navy for many years to come.

You are directed to report to our Headquarters located at 546 Vernon Avenue, Mountain View, Calif., 94043, directly across from the Navy Lodge. There is plenty of parking available directly behind our building.

The Navy Lodge's address is 593 Vernon Avenue, Mountain View, Calif., 94043, and they can be reached at (650) 962-1542 or 1-800-Navy-Inn and fax number (650) 694-7538. In addition, the NASA Exchange Lodge is also available, call (650) 603-7101 for reservations.

Government Leased Housing (GLH) is also available. Under the program, the government pays the house rent and utilities for qualified personnel in exchange for Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). To qualify, housing costs should be greater than BAH plus 15 percent and you should remain onboard for more than 12 months. For more information call the LSO at (650) 603-9644. To allow for a smooth transition, requests for Government Leased Housing (GLH) should be submitted prior to your reporting onboard. The entire application process can be completed online by clicking here.

Upon completion of your check-in, you will report to your ultimate recruiting station. There have been problems in the past with new recruiters reporting on board in an overpaid status. Often this overpayment comes from receipt of excessive per diem while in ENRO or excessive advanced per diem from prior commands. PCS transfers can and often do put an excessive strain on your financial affairs. Watch your finances carefully and anticipate additional expenses.

Ensure that you provide your local housing office with a copy of this letter to facilitate your household goods move. To further assist you in arranging housing, the following base housing phone numbers are provided: Naval Air Station, Lemoore at (559) 998-4922 and Alameda Coast Guard Housing at (510) 769-2341. Moffett Federal Field has two separate military housing offices; please call Phillips National at (650) 564-9490 and Pinnacle at (650) 965-1754. Housing is also available at Camp Parks in Dublin, Calif.; they can be reached at (925) 556-2550 or see their website

If you have any questions or require additional assistance, please contact the following command representatives: The Chief Recruiter at (650) 603-9624, or the Personnel Officer at (650) 603-9606. Additionally, the Command Master Chief is always available to assist you in any way at (650) 603-9604. Our working hours are from 0800-1630 Monday through Friday. Ensure you have logged into the STAYNAVY Sponsor Assignment Aid (SAA) so that we might have your current contact information while in transit. SAA can be accessed through the STAYNAVY homepage at

If you are eligible to take the next Advancement Exam, please request your current Command ESO order and mail your test to the following address: Officer in Charge, ATTN: Nelson Garman, PSD Lemoore, 736 Enterprise Blvd, Lemoore, Calif., 93246-5007. In addition, If you have not attended a Navy Leadership Continuum Course for your present paygrade and you are not scheduled to attend before transferring to NRD San Francisco, inform your chain of command of this requirement and call the Personnel Officer at the above number if a conflict exists which will preclude completion of this course prior to arrival at this command.

Also, if you have any questions - simple or complex - Navy One Source is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It's pre-paid, confidential, and it works for you and your family. For more information look at the website and enter user ID: Navy, password: Sailor. If you would like to contact a live representative call from the United States (800) 540-4123 and from outside the United States ONLY: (800) 540-1233 or call collect from outside the United States (484) 530-5914, also TTY/TDD is available at (800) 346-9188.

If you are married then it's recommend that you encourage your spouse to contact our Command Ombudsman and/or a Regional Ombudsman. Command Ombudsman contact information is available by contacting our Administrative Officer at (650) 603-9650 or the Command Master Chief at (650) 603-9604. They are standing by to ensure you and your family have a successful transition to recruiting duty and are always available to answer your questions and/or address concerns.

Again, "Welcome Aboard." I ask you to review my Command Philosophy before reporting aboard. I look forward to personally meeting with you and welcoming you to the command.

We congratulate you on becoming a member of one of the finest and brightest recruiting teams of the nation. Whether you are assigned duties as a recruiter or as a member of the support staff, we welcome you to one of the most challenging and rewarding assignments in the Navy. We hope you will accept the challenge and the hard work necessary to become a member of our outstanding team of recruiters and support personnel.

Your sponsor will be providing you with much of the information that is needed in making your transition to the area, as well as assisting you with any immediate transportation that may be needed once you have arrived. Please keep your sponsor advised of your leave address, travel plans and anticipated arrival date. If you have not been assigned a sponsor yet, or would like us to send you a welcome aboard package, please contact our Admin Department: 1 (650) 603-9606.

spacerR. G. Stromberger
spacerCommanding Officer
spacerNavy Recruiting District San Francisco

Reporting Aboard

If you are reporting for recruiting duty, the Chief Recruiter will determine your ultimate recruiting station assignment.


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Selected by the commanding officer, your Ombudsman is a spouse of a member of
the command who voluntarily serves as an official liaison between the command and its families.
As a spouse, it's important to get acquainted with your local Ombudsman.
The Ombudsman is not a counselor or a social worker, but can show you the
direct route toward finding solutions by helping you get the assistance you need.

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