Student Control


For those checking in for Enlisted Recruiting Orientation, ensure Special Programs Screening form NAVPERS 1306/92 REV 12-03 is completed and filled out and in service record prior to executing orders. Missing forms will result in removal from class.

ALL MEMBERS REPORTING TO NORU FOR TRAINING MUST BE WITHIN HEIGHT/WEIGHT/BCA STANDARDS PRIOR TO REPORTING. The Navy PT uniform will be worn twice per week during command PT. Additionally, we highly recommend students bring civilian PT attire for additional PT opportunities. NAS Pensacola has first rate fitness facilities that you will want take advantage of during your course of instruction. NORU has an active and progressive FEP (Fitness Enhancement Program). If a student arrives at NORU near the cutoff for height/weight/BCA standards, that student will be placed in the FEP and be required to PT two additional times per week under supervision.

If you do not have a CAC ID card you must schedule an appt with PSD. To schedule an appointment, go to the Common Access Card Issuance website.

Student Control is the point of contact for student matters relating to pay, orders, and information that will be helpful to you with your transition to NORU. The Student Control Section of the Administration Department is the liaison between the PSD and students and gives the Admin Brief for all new ENRO classes, providing invaluable information on all pay issues including, DLA, Travel Pay, Per Diem and any other pay issues that may arise during students tenure at NORU.


Admin Phone Numbers
Administration: (850) 452-4848
Student Control: (850) 452-4812


Frequently Called Phone Numbers
NORU CDO: (850) 516-9544
Medical Central Appointments: (850) 505-7171
Fleet and Family Support Center: (850) 452-5990
Navy College Office: (850) 452-4510
SATO: (877}-698-2554
Tri-care Service Center: (800)-444-5445
Personal Property: (850) 452-4654
Gateway Inn and Suites: (850) 452-2755
American Red Cross: (850) 452-2492 / (877)-272-7337
NORU Fax No. (InstructorsÍ Lounge): (850) 452-2529
NORU Fax No. (Admin Office): (850) 452-4540


Ultimate Duty Assignment (UDA)

All UDAs goes through NORU Administration and is then forwarded to your instructor. See your instructor FIRST if any questions about your UDA.


All lodging will be arranged by NORU.

DO NOT call or go to PSD without consulting with NORU Admin/PLR FIRST!

Medical and Dental Information
Please ensure all medical and dental needs, including an up-to-date physical, HIV screening and dental check-up have been met prior to detaching from your current command. Quite often military medical and dental facilities are not located near your new recruiting duty station and routine military care is not readily available. Provided below is a brief outline of the military medical and dental facilities located in Pensacola should you need treatment prior to your class convening date.

If you have moved your family, please check with TRICARE to make sure your family is covered for that area.

Dental Needs
Pensacola has an excellent Navy dental facility which is fully staffed to handle any dental needs which may arise while you are attending NORU. The telephone number is 452-5600.

Medical Needs
The medical needs of active duty students are handled by Naval Air Station Branch. It is located in building 3600 (co-located with Dental) and is open Monday through Friday. Their telephone number is 452-5214. Sick call hours: Monday-Friday 0700-1045 and 1230-1445.

HIV Test
If you have had an HIV test within the last six months, please ensure the results of this test are recorded in your health record. If you wait until a week or two before you detach from your current command to have blood drawn, the results may not be received and documented before your detaching date. Check with your medical facility to determine the time constraints involved and avoid the necessity of having blood drawn again in Pensacola. If your health record does not contain HIV results, we will send you to the NAS Branch during the first week of class to have blood drawn and the test conducted.


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