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TAD Quota requests cannot be made at more than 30 days in advance of Course Convene Date. Please answer every field to ensure processing. If you wish to have a copy of your quota request, please print the confirmation page that appears after you submit your information. If you have any questions concerning quota requests, please call the quota request manager at (850) 452-2614.
Attention: You must notify and have permission via your chain of command to request a quota to attend NORU.

All prospective students must be within height/weight/BCA standards.

Instructions: Copy/paste the text below into an email. Answer all fields and send to

IMPORTANT! You must send the email encrypted. To encrypt the email message click the "Encrypt" button located in the upper right in the menu bar of your Outlook window.

The prospective student has received notification and permission to request a quota from NORU via the student chain-of-command. ____ YES ____ NO
Student Full Legal Name :
Email address (Training Dept email address only) :
Military Rate/Civilian grade :
STUDENT DOD ID # (NOT THE COMMAND TRAINER DOD ID # - use the 10 digit number found on back of CAC -- do not use a SSN) :
Gender: (M or F):
Is the prospective Military student within weight standards: ____ YES ____ NO
Date last measured (must be with 30 days of class convene date) (mm/dd/yyyy ):
Percent body fat : _____ % Height: ___________ Weight : _______________ Age:_________
Is the prospective student a CANREC? ____ YES ____ NO
PRD (month/year) :
Officer Designator :
Permanent UIC :
NRD/NOSC/MEPS duty assignment :
Name of Course/CDP requested :

Convening Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :
Graduating Date (mm/dd/yyyy) :

IMPORTANT: Upon NORU confirmation of quota, Command Trainer responsible for contacting NRC N7 (901-874-9023), with prospective student full SSN, soonest for DTS LOA. Students must have a Valid GOVCC prior to attending. NORU will arrange on-base lodging at the NAS Gateway Inn for all students attending training at NORU NAS Pensacola, FL.


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