Physical Training


Weight Control

On the first day of class, report to NORU at 0645 in Dress Uniform, bring Navy PTU with you. The first event of the day will be a measurement of your height/weight. If require a Single-site Abdominal Circumference measurement or standard BCA measurements, they will be conducted in accordance with OPNAV 6110.1 and applicable NAVADMIN. All personnel reporting to NORU must be within Navy Body Composition Assessment standards. Failure to meet BCA standards may result in immediate disenrollment.


Ensure your Preventive Health Assessment (PHA) is current and will NOT expire during the period of your stay at NORU. Check your status in PRIMS is "transfer" ensure your CFL has done this prior to you checking into NORU.

Physical Fitness
Mandatory (Student/Staff) PT is held every Tuesday and Thursday AM. Both PT sessions include Dynamic Warm-ups, strength training exercises, cardio (running, jogging, or alternate cardio if required), followed by a cool down period, and stretching.


Navy Physical Training Uniform
To obtain your official Navy PT Uniform call Navy Uniform Support Center - 1-800-368-4088. Use the supplied code NRC68023. Two sets of PT gear is $64.00.


Physical Readiness Program Guidelines
1. Physical fitness is a crucial element of mission performance and must be a part of every Navy member's life. Mission readiness and operational effective-ness are built on the physical fitness of the individual. Therefore, all Navy personnel shall maintain personal physical fitness by regular exercise and proper nutrition.
2. The principal goal of the Physical Readiness Program is to create a culture of fitness to enhance a member's ability to complete tasks that support the command's mission. Commanding officers shall aggressively integrate physical readiness activities into the work week in the same manner applied to meeting other mission and operational requirements.


NORU Student/Staff Physical Training Days
PT is held Tuesdays and Thursdays unless changed by NORU staff. Muster time will be at 0620. The Chief Recruiter will be held accountable for mustering the class and will report to the class instructor. PT is mandatory for all students unless you have a valid medical condition which is stated in your medical record that waives you from PT. The Navy PT Uniform will be worn during command PT. You should have a good pair of running shoes. Anyone absent from PT will be considered UA and will be counseled unless you have a valid reason for missing session.


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