Per Diem/Pay Issues


There are many questions you may have regarding how you will be paid while attending NORU. Below are some of the most common questions and answers regarding your pay. If you have any additional questions, please call (850) 452-4812.


Per Diem

- It takes up to 15 business days before your per diem is deposited into your bank account.
- Per Diem for lodging in the BEQ is $62.00 per night + $18.85 (GMR) meals per day = $80.85.
- If lodging in town with a CNA (BEQ not available) from the BEQ, you are entitled to lodging cost @ $122 per night (maximum) + $59 meals per day = $181.
- NGIS for junior officers is $62 per night + $18.85 (GMR) meals per day = $80.85 (PXO class only).
- NGIS for senior officers (O-4 and above) is $71 per night + $18.85 (GMR) meals per day = $89.85 (PXO class only).
- You must turn-in your CNA to receive the lodging out-in-town per diem rate.


Advance Travel
If requested by the service member, you should receive your advances five business days prior to transfer. PSD can only pay advance travel from here to your next permanent duty station (PDS), if traveling POV. Advance travel pay from your last PDS to here, will have to be settled on your travel claim at your final destination.


Travel Claim
You will complete a travel claim at your final destination, not at NORU. Your travel claim should cover from your last PDS to your next PDS.


BAH (with/without dependents)
Coming from overseas, you are entitled to the table rate until you report onboard at your PDS. There, you will draw the regular BAH rate for your PDS area. Coming from INCONUS, you will continue to draw the BAH rate from your last PDS.


Family Separation Allowance (FSA) – PCS Personnel Only
Your FSA is $250. You are entitled to FSA if away from your dependents for 30 days or more. After 30 days onboard, you should receive FSA money in your first regular paycheck (and not later than the second paycheck).


Special Clothing/SDAP Allowances
You will receive both of these entitlements after you report to your NRD:
Special clothing - $225
Special Duty Assignment Pay - Depends on your NEC


Traveling by Air
If you request to travel by air, you will be furnished a plane ticket from Pensacola, Fla., to your NRD only. You should receive your ticket information a few days prior to transfer. If you are planning on taking leave and going somewhere other than your NRD, you will need to buy your own ticket. You will be reimbursed up to the cost of the ticket from Pensacola, Fla., to your NRD. You will file this claim, with the receipt, on your travel claim at your NRD.


Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Rate for your Ultimate Duty Assignment (UDA) area
To check your BAH for the area of your UDA, you need the zip code of the area (visit to find the zip code and click on “Search by City”) and then go to the Defense Travel Management website ( to get your information of the BAH rate for your area.


Check Cashing

The Navy Exchange will cash personal checks up to a limit of $150 every eight days, and government checks up to $600. The commercial banks on base are Pen Air Federal Credit Union and First Navy Bank. The First Navy Bank charges $1 to cash a military check if you do not have an account with them. The Navy Federal Credit Union is located one mile north of the main gate on the right side of Navy Blvd.



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