Officer Processor Quality Control Course

CDP 962G - CIN: S-7C-2413 - One class per year - Five classroom days - 26 students maximum


.This course is held at NRC headquarters in Millington, Tenn. To request a quota contact your region OPO


Course Manager
Commercial: (901) 874-7450
DSN: 882-9210


Enlisted: Sailors assigned to the OPO Department as Lead Officer Processor (OPL).
Civilian: Entry to mid-grade levels assigned as Lead Officer Processor (OPL).

Course Objectives
As a result of participating in the Officer Processing Lead Quality Control Course the participant will have learned the following:

- Basic Eligibility Requirements
- Processing of officer forms and documents
- Appointment orders
- Discharge procedures
- Collegiate management
- CIRMS / Pride-Mod II
- Quality assurance


Course Description
This class is for all Lead Officer Processors assigned to the OPO department. The OPLQC is mandatory for all OPLs. Funding is available; contact N7 if you have questions. This class is limited to 26 students. Please ensure you do not make any arrangements to leave class before 1300 on the last day of class.


- Assigned as the NRD Lead Officer Processor.

Administrative Items

- Keep in mind that classes do not end until 1300 on Fridays. Do not make any flight arrangements until after 1500 on Friday - no exceptions. We cannot change the schedule of the entire class for one or two students. You will need a minimum of one hour travel time to get to the airport from the base.

- NRC is located at NSA Mid-South, Millington, Tenn. Directions to the base can be found by accessing the NSA

- The OPLQC classroom location will be determined and information provided to attendees via email approximately two weeks prior to the class convening date. Class will begin promptly at 0800 each morning.

- Students need to request advance per diem or understand that they are required to pay for rooms in advance of their liquidation.

- You will need to make your own reservations. Call your hotel to confirm your room. Options for lodging include:

- Navy Inn (located on base) (901) 213-3000

- Holiday Inn Millington, TN

- Hampton Inn Millington, TN

- There are no GOVs for student use at NRC. If you want a car, you will need to request that your NRD pay for a rental. If you are not authorized a rental car, the base shuttle will be available to pick you up from the airport as well as take you back to the airport. Airport shuttle arrival times on Sunday are as follows: 0500, 0751, 1026, 1303, 1539, 1814, 2042, and 2256.

- For information about NSA Mid-South, the surrounding area, directions and weather, access the NSA website.

- Ensure you keep a copy of your orders with you in order to gain access to the base. The gate guards can also direct you to the Cappodanno Building and NRC.

Course Schedule

Select class number to
request a quota for that date.


Class # 17-010
Convenes: 12 June 2017
Graduates: 16 June 2017


Class # 18-010

Convenes: 11 June 2018
Graduates: 15 June 2018




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