Personnel Documentation
Before you detach from your command, we recommended that you review all contents of your service record to ensure that all applicable information has been recorded therein. For example:


1. You have met the required service obligation or, if you have been granted a waiver, that it is documented on a page 13 and a copy of the BUPERS message is filed in your record.

2. Copy of your transfer evaluation has been filed in your service record.

3. If you have reenlisted within the last six months, ensure that a copy of the physical examination is on file in your medical record.

4. Ensure that documents in your dental record are entered if applicable.

5. Prior to transferring, if you have received the HIV testing, make sure it is entered into your medical record, otherwise you will be retested here at NORU.

6. Ensure the PRT risk factor screening sheet is in your service record.

7. Ensure you bring your valid state driver's license. You will NOT transfer to your NRD without showing your driver's license to NORU staff.


Advancement Exams
If you are scheduled to attend school at NORU during the advancement exam cycles held in March, September, and January (for CPO candidates), please ensure that you have made arrangements to have your exam ordered and forwarded to PSD Pensacola prior to your transfer. It is the responsibility of the transferring command to ensure that an examination is ordered and an examination worksheet is prepared.

Sports Gear
NORU sponsors monthly student/staff picnic. We play a student vs. staff softball game, volleyball, and horseshoes. If you think you will be participating in these events we encourage you to bring your baseball glove, cleats, and comfortable clothing.

Internet Access
NMCI systems are available in the student lounge. If you do not have an NMCI account, user accounts are generated the first week of class (typically Tuesday or Wednesday). For computer login issues, see the IT personnel. The IT shop is readily available to help you.


Mail Schedule
Mail arrives and leaves the admin office between 0900-0930 and 1400-1430.

Receiving Mail
If you wish to have mail sent to you while you are attending NORU, use the address listed below.

Name/Rank Class number
385 Millington Ave. Bldg. 3644
Pensacola, FL 32508

Classes will not be interrupted for any routine phone calls (emergencies only). Phone messages will be placed in class mail box in the admin office.

Household Goods
The Personal Property Office is located in Bldg. 625C, DSN: 459-4654 or Commercial: (850) 452-4654. Business is conducted on a walk-in basis. At a minimum, you must have six copies of your orders to process any type of move.


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