Marketing and Advertising Officer (MAO)/Advertising Coordinator (ADCO) Course


CDP 964L - CIN: S-500-0005 - Two classes per year - Eight classroom days - 20 students maximum


This course is held at NRC HQ in Millington, TN.


Course Manager
Commercial: (901) 874-5304

DSN: 459-5304

Cell: (850) 776-5614

Contractors are not authorized to attend this course of instruction.


Enlisted personnel in pay grades E7 - E9 serving in the Marketing and Advertising Officer (MAO) position. Civilians serving in the Advertising Coordinator (ADCO) position. Civilians or enlisted military support personnel serving in the LEADS Production Team Assistant (LPTA) position.*


Course Objectives
This course provides successful E-7 or above recruiters (2186/9585) that are newly assigned to the NRD LEADS Production Team (LPT) with skills and knowledge to perform the duties as the Marketing and Advertising Officer (MAO) in the areas of local and national advertising and administration of the LPT as a department head. It also provides civilians who are newly assigned as Advertising Coordinators (ADCO) in the LPT the skills necessary to effectively plan, coordinate, budget and analyze local advertising efforts, including conversion of leads to contracts.

* LEADS Production Team Assistants (LPTAs) are not authorized to attend this course without prior approval from the course manager and concurrence of NRC Code N94.

Course Description
This course provides eight training days in which students learn about, practice, and develop competence in the areas of LPT organization, Local and National advertising leads tracking and analysis using the Navy Advertising Leads Tracking System (NALTS), Advertising Planning, Effectiveness Measurements, as well as the overall administration of the department.

It is strongly recommended that students have a minimum of one to three months working in the LPT prior to attending this class.

Appropriate business casual civilian attire - NO BLUE JEANS. Refer to the Uniforms section for other requirements.


Course Schedule

Class# 19-010
Convenes: 07 January 2019
Graduates: 16 January 2019

Class# 19-020
Convenes: 10 June 2019
Graduates: 19 June 2019


Class # 20-010
Convenes: 09 December 2019
Graduates: 13 December 2019


Class # 20-020
Convenes: 20 April 2020
Graduates: 24 April 2020



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