For questions concerning billeting, please call the NORU lodging manager (850) 452- 2614 or DSN 459-2614.


NORU will arrange lodging for all PCS/TAD students.


During your stay in Pensacola you will be provided berthing subject to the following conditions:



Per the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (U5210), student's Temporary Duty Under Instruction (TEMDUINS) location (NORU) is not a delay point for dependents. No Per Diem is authorized for dependents during your time at NORU (school less than 20 weeks). Certification of Non-avail for off-base lodging will not be authorized for students with confirmed on-base lodging. Maximum daily lodging per-diem rate: $57.00.


If your children will be staying with you while in Pensacola, you must notify the Gateway Inn in advance. Children must not be left unattended.


All NORU Students


- "DV suites" for Senior Officers and Senior Civilians will be at a premium, as Bldg 600 is shutting down.
- If Gateway Inn rooms are available you will be berthed in the Gateway Inn. Free laundry facilities are available for NORU students. You are responsible for paying your

Gateway Inn bill in full before check-out. The billeting office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.
- No pets allowed.
- Standard room daily rate: $57.00 (effective Oct 1, 2012)
- In the event Gateway Inn rooms are not available, the Gateway Inn will assign you a Certificate of Non-availability of Government Quarters and direct you to a local

hotel. Additional Per Diem will be paid at NORU to cover your hotel bill. You are responsible for paying your hotel bill in full before check-out from NORU.



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