Recruiter Tactics Instructor Course (RTI)


CDP 525G -CIN: S-501-0007 - Four classes per year - 10 classroom days -  students maximum


Course Manager: NCCS (SW/AW) Lejeune
Commercial: (901)874-7620


Enlisted Recruiters in pay grades E7 - E8.


Course Objectives

The Recruiting Tactics Instructor (RTI) prepares the student to perform independently at the master level. RTIs conduct training for incumbent recruiting personnel on all recruiting tactics, administer course curriculum on various recruiting specific topics, and conduct Request for Training (RFT) technical assist visits throughout the assigned geographical area as directed by Navy Recruiting District (NRD)/Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG)/Talent Acquisition and Onboarding Centers (TAOC) or Navy Recruiting Command (NRC) HQ. The RTI augments official National Assess Assist Team (NAAT) visits at NRD/NTAG/TAOC. RTIs apply continuous process improvement using Lean Six Sigma techniques, tactics and procedures, applying a High Velocity Learning (HVL) framework and principles, to improve organizational effectiveness and efficiencies.


Course Description
The main focus of this course is to engage the RTI in an operational environment, to effectively utilize core recruiting systems necessary to achieve mission. Emphasis is placed on the RTI applying Process Improvement and High Velocity Learning to all facets of recruiting that promote mission attainment and a competent, well-trained recruiting force.


The course is designed to concentrate on key points that will greatly enhance the RTI's efficiency and effectiveness. Five training days are devoted to classroom instruction and five days in an operational environment for practical application. Class interaction with other successful DLCPOs and the instructors will foster discussions and the free flow of ideas. You can expect a multitude of courses specifically designed for this exchange of ideas with the instructors facilitating.


- Slated for RTI Position
- Holds the NEC 9502
- JQR Complete
- Approved Special Duty Screening, NRD/NTAG CO and N7 Director Endorsement approval
- Students are to report within current body fat standards.
- Laptop with CAC reader to access course material, recruiting websites. 

Course Schedule

Select class number to
request a quota for that date.

TAD Quota requests cannot be made at more than 30 days in advance of course convene date.

Class # 18-010
Convenes: 06 November 2017
Graduates: 17 November 2017


Class # 18-020
Convenes: 20 February 2018
Graduates: 02 March 2018


Class # 18-030
Convenes: 18 June 2018
Graduates: 29 June 2018


Class # 18-040
Convenes: 17 September 2018
Graduates: 28 September 2018


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