Officer Recruiter - Officer


CDP 962H - CIN: S-7C-2414 - Nine classes per year - 15 classroom days - 19 students maximum


Course Supervisor
Commercial: (850) 452-5427/4560
DSN: 459-5427/4560


Officers recruiters in pay grades CWO2 - O4.


Course Objectives
As a result of participating in the Officer Recruiter Course the participant will have knowledge and skills necessary to perform in the following:

- Resource Management
- Officer Program Knowledge
- Prospecting & Marketing
- Processing Systems & Requirements


Course Description
This 15-day course provides officers with the skills and knowledge to perform the duties as an Officer Recruiter at Navy Recruiting Districts, Regions and on the Navy Recruiting Command Staff. Students learn reserve and active officer programs, RTOOLS, PRIDE MOD II, selling skills, analysis of O-RAMPS, testing, production and processing requirements, collegiate management, resource management, awards and ethics. All lessons enhance the recruiters' effectiveness and better enable them to conduct successful field recruiting operations in their respective billets. All lessons provide the essential tools and administrative requirements necessary to conduct successful field recruiting.


- Students are to report within current body fat standards.
- Students with pre-existing medical conditions should have them documented in their medical records and be prepared for NORU medical personnel to review.
- PT is conducted two times per week all students are required to participate in the PT session and wear the Navy PT uniform.
- Students with CPR cards should bring them.


There are no advance reading requirements for this course.


Do not schedule flights or travel arrangements departing the Pensacola area before 1200 on graduation day.


Course Schedule

Select class number to
request a quota for that date.

TAD Quota requests cannot be made at more than 30 days in advance of course convene date.


Class # 18-010
Convenes: 16 October 2017
Graduates: 03 November 2017

Class # 18-020
Convenes: 27 November 2017
Graduates: 15 December 2017


Class # 18-030
Convenes: 22 January 2018
Graduates: 09 February 2018


Class # 18-040
Convenes: 26 February 2018
Graduates: 16 March 2018


Class # 18-050
Convenes: 02 April 2018
Graduates: 20 April 2018


Class # 18-060
Convenes: 21 May 2018
Graduates: 08 June 2018


Class # 18-070
Convenes: 09 July 2018
Graduates: 27 July 2018


Class # 18-080
Convenes: 13 August 2018
Graduates: 31 August 2018


Class # 18-090
Convenes: 17 September 2018
Graduates: 05 October 2018

For questions about quota call:
(850) 452-2614



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