Navy Recruiting Prospective Executive Officer (PXO) Course


CDP 962F - CIN: S-7C-2412 - Four classes per year - 15 classroom days - 10 students maximum


This course is held at NRC headquarters in Millington, TN


Course Manager
Commercial: (901) 874-7620


Officers in pay grades O4 - O5.


Course Objectives
Instruction is designed to meet the specific needs of Navy Recruiting District (NRD) Executive Officers. As a result of participating in the PXO Course, the participant will have knowledge and skills necessary to perform in the following areas of recruiting:

- Military and civilian manning and management
- Resources and budgeting
- Goal and attainment
- Market identification and penetration
- Officer and enlisted programs
- Public affairs media awareness training
- Sales skills methodology
- Navy Recruiting Command department and Special Assistant briefs
- One-day Navy Recruiting Region orientation
- NRC assets and marketing tools


Course Description
This two week course provides PXOs with the skills and knowledge to perform duties as leaders in NRDs, Regions, and on the Navy Recruiting Command Staff. The course consists of two weeks of instruction at NORU. Following course completion, graduates will continue en route for a final 2 weeks of briefings by subject matter experts at NRC in Millington, Tenn.

Course Prerequisites
There are a number of on-line courses that we request you complete prior to finishing the PXO training at NORU. Please complete the assigned coursework and deliver any applicable certificates to the course manager. The required courses are:



found on Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) via the Navy e-Learning Site:



Found on the Navy e-Learning website:



Course Number


DON Interim Performance Management System Suggested Framework
for Perfomance Recognition


DON Interim Performance Management System


Managers Internal Control Program Training


Managers Internal Control Program Training for Managers


Antiterrorism Planning





AO/RO, COL/Training for Accountable Officials/Certifying Officers

DON PC Head of Activity Course:

DON Principles of Appropriations Law:

Telework 101 for Managers
Telework 101 for Employees

Note: The TWMS website may be only working intermittently. If it is not working when you log on, please continue to try to log on at a different time.

Once you have logged into TWMS look on the left hand side go to Supervisory training. Then in the middle of the page under your name you will see All Training Required click on the tab. You need to do all the required training under this tab and turn it into your NRD once you arrive.

Reporting Information
If the class is scheduled to begin on a federal holiday, students are to report Tuesday. Students are to report the first day of class at 0700, Room B2, Building 3644, 385 Millington Ave., Pensacola NAS

Report in Service khaki. Navy Working Uniform (NWU) is authorized to wear after check in. Service dress uniform is required for an official biography photo.

Contact your NRD for the following:

- Business cards
- Name tags and desk plate
- Command photos (amount required [NRSs, MEPS, NRD, and PAO], uniform, size of photo)
- Government travel card (activate/reactivate)


Helpful web links within training pipeline
Command Leadership Course
Senior Officer Course in Military Justice
(See NAVADMIN 218/01).

To view additional student information, click HERE.


Course Schedule

Select class number to
request a quota for that date.

TAD Quota requests cannot be made at more than 30 days in advance of course convene date.

Class # 19-010
Convenes: 09 October 2018
Graduates: 26 October 2018


Class # 19-020
Convenes: 25 March 2019
Graduates: 12 April 2019


Class # 19-030
Convenes: 08 July 2019
Graduates: 26 July 2019


Class # 19-040
Convenes: 09 September 2019
Graduates: 27 September 2019




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