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Q1: Does everyone taking an Enlistment Bonus (EB) have to extend his or her contract for one year?
No, there are several exceptions to the one-year extension requirement. The following recruits do not have to extend for one year:
1. Those enlisting in programs that require a six-year active duty obligation (6YO).
2. Those enlisting in the Submarine Electronic Computer Field (5YO SECF).
3. Those enlisting as a Professional Apprentice Career Track (PACT) Sailor.

All other recruits who accept an EB, including EB for College Credit, do have to extend for one year. This includes those who have to extend one year as required by other programs. An example of this case is the Aircrew (AIRC) program that requires applicants to enlist for four years and execute an Agreement to Extend Enlistment (NAVPERS 1070/621) for 12 months because of the training they will receive. Those in the Aircrew program who accept an EB would have to extend for two back-to-back 12-month extensions - one for the training and one for the EB - increasing their obligated service to six years active duty.

Q2: Why is my enlistment bonus different from the other students in class?
Your enlistment bonus is based on both the Enlistment Bonus message in effect the day you entered the delayed entry program and the month you shipped to boot camp. For those who reclassify at Recruit Training Command, award levels are determined by the message in effect on the date of reclassification and by using reclassification month as the ship month. Updated EB messages are released throughout the year and change bonus amounts because the Navy’s need for recruits and priorities for different rates change. Also, bonuses for recruits in the same program and rating tend to be higher in the Winter/Spring than in the Summer/Fall because it is more difficult to recruit Sailors during the Winter/Spring.

Q3: If I have a problem with getting my bonus paid, whom should I turn to for help?
A Sailor’s best resource for pay problems is the servicing PSD. If there is a discrepancy in the member’s record, the PSD may contact OPNAV 130D for resolution of EB policy questions.

Q4: If my enlistment bonus changes because I reclassified into a different rate or program, do I need to sign a new contract, enlistment guarantee, and statement of understanding?
Yes, in order for pay personnel to pay your bonus to you, the actual contract and associated paperwork must show the exact bonus amount. Page 13’s, unofficial paperwork, etc. cannot legally be used and will not be used in determining your incentive payment.

Q5: How can I determine what the enlistment bonus was for a rate/program before August 2001?
For Enlistment Bonus amounts and policy prior to August 2001, call OPNAV 130D at 703-695-3128

Q6: When computing my enlistment bonus for college credit, how do I convert quarter hours to semester hours?
The Navy education specialists use this formula: 45-quarter hours equal 30 Semester hours, and should be available for assistance in making this computation. For example, 104-quarter hours equal 69.3 semester hours ((104/45)*30).

Q7: Can a Sailor receive an EB even if it was not guaranteed on the enlistment contract?
No, the EB must be incorporated into the enlistment contract while the Sailor is in DEP or during reclassification at RTC.

Q8: A Sailor with a valid EB contract reclassifies in “A” school. Can the Sailor receive an EB for either the prior rating or the new rating?
Yes and No. Follow the OPNAV Instruction on Reclassification. Go to http://doni.daps.dla.mil to find a copy of the OPNAV EB instruction (OPNAVINST 1160.9). The EB for Reclassification, used by BUPERS for Reclassification, is set to $0 on 21MAR2011 and no longer authorized.

Q9: What is an EB for Language Proficiency (EBLP)?

EB for Language Proficiency is for recruits that have special language skills that are critical to the Navy. EBLP was set to $0 on 21MAR2011 and no longer authorized.

Additional Questions or Comments?
Contact the: Incentive Program Manager
Contact phone number is 901-874-9322


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