"Almost everyone agrees that change has become a constant in today's technologically advanced, fast-paced world," says Dr. William "Bill" Anderson, Navy Recruiting Command's (NRC) Continuous Process Improvement program manager.

NRC has performed invariably the same way, with minor adjustments, for over 45 years. However, there are new obstacles not faced in the past that must be overcome. The challenges include lack of propensity in people to join the military service, diminishing resources and budget and increasing goal initiatives. To stay stagnant is not the answer.

"Unconsciously, people believe that longevity equals goodness and in today's world that is not always correct," says Anderson. "Developing a continuous process improvement culture will change that old thought pattern."

The new culture can evolve as the transformation process unfolds.

"A change we expect to see is one in which all of NRC becomes future thinking innovators," says Anderson."We want everyone within NRC will develop a process improvement approach mentality that becomes second nature, like 'muscle memory'."

NRC's organizational culture must adapt in a positive way to foster this new mindset of its Sailors.

"Our mission goals for the next year are increasing, and perhaps further into the future," says Anderson."Having to achieve an increased mission with fewer personnel resulted in major changes to the structure and operation of all of our business practices. It also provided NRC with an opportunity to improve the entire recruiting process from how the command supports recruiters, including centralizing processes at headquarters, to how the recruiters will perform all their expected tasks when accessing someone."

Developing a model that can be used with fewer personnel and higher production goals calls for more efficiency in the workplace.

"The future NRC will engage all employees, at all levels, to be continually making changes to how they perform or execute their jobs," says Anderson. "By continually changing to improve processes by using better technology, or streamlining how work flows through systems, NRC will be in a constant state of improvement, which means we will be changing."

"Changing the culture to one of continuous process improvement will empower all our Navy recruiting team members to become involved in finding ways to make their work lives easier and more enjoyable," says Anderson.

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