Compassion, courage, humility, perseverance- these are a few of the characteristics our favorite fictional super heroes are thought to exemplify. In the real world, they are the virtues embodied by the Navy Nurse.

Military service members, their dependents and virtually anybody, anywhere in the world could be in need of critical, life-saving care at any time. The task of providing care of this magnitude may seem too monumental for some, but for Navy Nurses, it's just part of a normal day.

It takes a uniquely talented and compassionate individual to be a Navy Nurse. Nurses are needed in areas of the world where care may not be readily available.

"Nurses who come in here say that they want to be part of something bigger than themselves," says Navy Lieutenant Albert Ford, officer recruiter for Navy Recruiting District Raleigh. "They are smart and they want to be successful, but they also want to care for people all over the world and be part of the greater good."

The Navy offers nurses who have earned a Bachelor of Science in nursing, have at least two years of experience and currently work in nursing the opportunity to join the Navy Nurse Corps. Critical Care and Medical/Surgical Nurses are in high demand.

"The Navy needs Critical Care Nurses, because they are needed in the field and in hospitals to prepare patients for the next level of care. They treat wounded warriors and get them stabilized," says Ford.

"We need Medical/Surgical Nurses, because they don't typically have specialties yet, which means that they could work in a variety of areas within Navy medicine. When Navy Critical Care Nurses are abroad, the Navy has Medical/Surgical Nurses to backfill other vital nursing positions."

Navy recruiters who have real-world experience working in various fields within Navy medicine are eager to share their experiences with potential nursing recruits. They understand the level of courage it takes to care for a critically wounded comrade.

"We know that applicants will have a lot of questions about military medicine," says Ford. "We can answer these questions based on our experiences overseas, in the field and in Navy hospitals. Opportunities in the Navy are unparalleled. You can't get these experiences anywhere else in the world."

Navy Nurses are leaders in their field. They educate the people around them and influence policy within Navy medicine. The Navy is accepting qualified nurses who are interested in applying leading-edge medical advances at shore, at sea and all across the world.

"We're putting the future of Navy medicine into the Navy, so at Navy Officer Recruiting Station Raleigh, we recruit the best nurses there are," says Ford. "If you qualify for the Navy Nursing Program, contact us."



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