AspacerFirst step is to set up a professional Facebook page opposed to a personal profile page. On their

spacerprofessional page, recruiters will be able to reachout to potential applicants and monitor interest in joining

spacerthe Navy. Districts can promote their own page focusing on local interests of which that their region or the

spacernation might not be aware. This will allow the increase of local leads and will make it feasible to blue print an

spacerapplicant faster and assign him/her respectively.

BspacerOnce ads or postings have been made on the page, recruiters will be given the “Boost” option. Utilizing the

spacerboost option, the recruiter can filter who sees the post based on location, age, gender and individual


CspacerFacebook pages can be venues for a number of different campaigns. Two of the most popular are

spacerinformative campaigns and website click campaigns. Through an informative campaign, recruiters can put

spacerout information on certain things the Navy does or wants to be highlighted. A website click campaign

spacerredirects the interested party to any website that the Navy wishes such as the “Contact a

spacerRecruiter” page which will lead to an overall increase in national leads.

DspacerIf recruiters rely solely on phone numbers from a school list, they are most likely to receive a number

spacerbelonging to the potential applicant’s parents. Using social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter, recruiters

spacercan send friend requests and messages to the person directly and see when and if it was read.

EspacerPosting will be vital. After a Future Sailor joins, with their permission, post a picture of him/her on Instagram

spacerand Facebook. With the picture, write an explanation of the job they received and tag them so that all of

spacertheir friends will see it. This will spark interest in others. After it begins to receive likes and comments, send

spacerthose who are liking and commenting a friend request or private message.

FspacerAvoid posting only Navy related photos. Post pictures and statuses that provide a personal touch. Show the

spacerperks of being in the Navy such as the places the recruiters have been or vehicles they can now afford.

spacerProviding lifestyle posts will draw more attention than standard Navy posts. While showing ones service is

spacerimportant, dialing down on the coverage will prevent alienation of potential applicants that are on the fence.

spacerAlways accentuate the positives of life in the Navy.

GspacerFacebook Live/Periscope is a new program that recruiters can utilize. It allows the user to broadcast live,

spacertrack the volume of viewers and provide instant comments/reviews. Recruiters can use these applications to

spacerhave a Q&A with users that are nervous to come in the office right away.


spacerNavy Recruiting Command, 5722 Integrity Drive, Bldg. 784, Millington, Tenn. 38054

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