Why did you choose to join Navy recruiting? 

I chose to join Navy Recruiting for several reasons.  Navy Recruiting is the genesis of our very existence and I wanted to be a part of that cutting-edge team.  I also enjoy interacting with other people and listening to their stories.  We have recruiting throughout the nation and several other locations to include: (Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, Japan, Italy, and Germany.


What is the “Recruit the Recruiter” initiative? 

The Recruit the Recruiter (RTR) initiative is an opportunity for us to provide the Fleet concentrated area Sailors with face-to-face interaction.  To find qualified Sailors to fill various jobs in Navy Recruiting.  The majority of the fleet is totally unaware of what our team does in Navy Recruiting on a daily basis and the RTR initiative is a pillar that will provide invaluable insight. 


Why is it important?

It is important because the future of our Navy and Nation depends on it.  We are experiencing reduction across the Navy and Navy Recruiting Command is not an exception to the rule.  Therefore, it is even more imperative that we are recruiting the best and brightest Sailors with an emphasis on the continuity of success with our fit vs fill environment.


Are you doing any events to support this initiative? 

Yes; a small team, NCR, Force CCC, local Navy Recruiting Command personnel, and myself are conducting face to face interaction to include briefs with Q&A sessions.  The target audiences for these briefs are all Sailors senior and junior alike, including the senior leadership and Command Career Counselors.  Initially we kicked it off in Navy Region Southeast (Jacksonville, Mayport, and Kings bay area).  Recruiting impacts the fleet in the biggest way. Just as everything grows from the seeds we plant, in our Navy, the recruit the recruiter program is that seed.


When and where are your next events?

During the next few months we are planning to launch “Recruit the Recruiter” in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, and Bremerton area), followed by Norfolk, Virginia, San Diego, and several other Fleet Concentrated Areas.


Why is there a focus on recruiting recruiters now? 

End strength is decreasing, which reduces the number of Sailors allowed to serve in Navy Recruiting.

What are the benefits of being a recruiter?
Special Duty Assignment Pay, having an impact on the future of the Fleet, uniform allowances, travel abilities within NRDs, Education, Community relations and networking, and advancement via the new Meritorious Advancement Program.


Is there any evidence that supports the thought that recruiting is looked at favorably on selection boards?  

The precept specifically addresses favorable consideration rendered to special programs (to include Navy Recruiting) regarding diversity and Sailorization.  A Sailor must also be mindful of the 5-Cs (Career, Collateral Duties, CPO Mess/CPO 365, Community, and College).  If each of those five pillars are inclusive on each of their evaluations and they are maintaining a sustained superior performance track-record, they are in a much better position for advancement than those who do not.


What attributes do you look for in a great recruiter?
Recruiters should be a well-rounded Sailor, a team builder, approachable, self-starter, motivator, work independently and has a sincere desire to change lives for the better.


With the insurgence of Navy recruiting optimization program, and with it the decline in number of actual recruiters in the field, is becoming a recruiter more selective and difficult to be selected for?
The program requirements have not changed; we have and are still seeking sustained superior performers.

Why does Navy recruiting need rated Sailors from the fleet to recruit when there is a Career Recruiting Force rating?
Rated Sailors are on the deckplates and able to articulate experiences from the fleet and bring new and innovative ideas to help the target group relate to the Navy. This gives them an opportunity to have ownership and personally select who their replacements will be.


Criteria to apply per NAVPERS 1306/92 and 1306/93:

Must pass the Recruiter Aptitude Battery Assessment.

Must be financially stable.

Must have a National Agency Check (NACLC) completed and adjudicated.

Must have passed the last 3 PFA’s.

Must possess a valid Driver’s License with a clean driving record.

Tattoos must be documented and full color photographs provided.

* If you are interested in applying to be a Recruiter and/or serve on Recruiting Duty, the Command Career Counselor should be one of your first resources.

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