GREENFIELD, Wisc. - Every Sailor that is selected for the honor of recruiting the U.S. Navy’s next generation receives training in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and emergency preparedness. It’s not because there are a lot of emergencies in Navy recruiting. But like all intense and chaotic situations, in order to respond appropriately to an emergency, Sailors need to remain calm and allow their training to take over.

Three Sailors at Navy Recruiting District Chicago, Aviation Structural Mechanic 1st Class Ryan Dembowiak, from Milwaukee, Wisc., Fire Controlman 2nd Class Kaleb Fisher, from Sikeston, Mo., and Machinist’s Mate 1st Class Chelsea Seegmiller, are being recognized for their ability to do just that when they responded to an emergency medical situation at Navy Recruiting Station (NRS) Greenfield, Wisc., March 23.

Dembowiak and Fisher were cleaning up the back room of NRS Greenfield when they heard Seegmiller arrive with her two-year-old son Alecai. She was there to pick up her computer so that she could work from home while Alecai was sick with the flu.

“All of a sudden, MM1 (Seegmiller) screamed, ‘Oh my god! He’s having a seizure,’” stated Fisher.

And that’s when the training kicked in.  Seegmiller called 911 while Dembowiak and Fisher rushed to help out.

“He looked like he had stopped breathing and was turning blue,” said Dembowiak. “We put him in a good position on his side. We got his mouth open and smacked him on his back. He threw up and then took a really big breath.”
“It was a fibral seizure, which are common in kids up to age five,” said Seegmiller. “It involves a very rapid increase in temperature, so we put cold towels on him.”

Within minutes, paramedics arrived to take Seegmiller and her son to the hospital.

The intense and scary situation made the value of all of the time Sailors spend training come clearly into focus.
“After everything calmed down, AM1 (Dembowiak) and I were talking about how all of that medical training came in handy,” said Fisher. “We were calmly able to react and do what was necessary because of the training we received.”

The Sailors’ ability to put their training to use in a real-world emergency, impressed everyone up and down their chain-of-command.

“I am extremely proud to serve with AM1 Dembowiak, FC2 Fisher and MM1 Seegmiller,” said NRD Chicago Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Joseph D. Scott. “Their actions were heroic and demonstrated extraordinary teamwork, initiative and readiness.  Their division officer, Lt. Cmdr. Chad Sobotka said it best, ‘they are darn good Sailors!’"

Later, Dembowiak got to see the results of his quick thinking firsthand.


“I picked MM1(Seegmiller) and her son up from the hospital because I have kids too, so I have car seats,” he said. “It was great. He was bouncing around like any other two-year-old just six hours later.”


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