At Navy Orientation Recruiting Unit (NORU), the Navy’s newest recruiters graduated from the five-week training course and are ready to go out across the country and start work, August 17. 

NORU is the Navy’s only recruiting schoolhouse and is responsible for the instruction of enlisted and officer personnel in professional sales, prospecting techniques, marketing, applicant processing, recruiting terminology, leadership, ethical behavior and activity analysis.

Without knowledgeable and talented Sailors in recruiting, the Navy’s manpower would plummet. Sailor retention would suffer due to an increased workload on Sailors in the Fleet who would have to make-up for low manning. This is why the Navy selects the best and most qualified Sailors for this task, and it is why their training is so important for the future of the Fleet. 

Commander, Navy Recruiting Command, Rear Adm. Brendan McLane was the ceremony’s guest speaker, and during his speech he made sure everyone present understood the importance of what they were undertaking and how it affected the future of the Navy’s force. 

“Going out and getting us new Sailors is so vitally important,” said McLane. “With our goals and our Navy increasing in size, every recruiting station out there, and the Fleet itself, really needs you.”

Motivation is a key part of being a successful recruiter; a Sailor’s ability to get up every day and seek out that next Future Sailor regardless of possible rejection is key to how well they do.

“To lead by example, you need to stay positive,” said McLane, “When you come to work every morning you have a choice to either motivate everyone else or demotivate them, so stay positive, and lead from every level.”

The 25-day course patterns after an actual Navy Recruiting District structure, which reinforces the language of recruiting and gives students an overall big-picture understanding of how recruiting works in the field. Recruiting concepts are taught and translated into practical application, team efforts, problem solving and achieving goals. 

The graduates will now transfer to one of 20 Navy Recruiting Districts (NRD) or one of six Navy Talent Acquisition Groups (NTAG) to supplement the Sailors already working in recruiting and help fulfill the Navy’s growing demand for quality individuals.

The Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit (NORU) is Navy Recruiting Command’s Center of Excellence responsible for the annual training of over 1,450 new recruiters and Career Recruiting Force (CRF) students. While attending the school they become well-versed in sales, governing publications, and future sailor development before graduating and dispersing to their districts around the country with the mission of manning our Navy for decades to come.

The Navy’s recruiting force totals over 6,100 personnel in more than 1,000 recruiting stations around the globe. Their combined goal is to attract the highest quality candidates to assure the ongoing success of America’s Navy.

NRC consists of a command headquarters, two Navy Recruiting Regions, 20 Navy Recruiting Districts and six Navy Talent Acquisition Groups that serve more than 1,000 recruiting stations across the country.

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