Navy Recruiting,

It is a distinct honor and privilege to join Recruiting Nation! While turning over with Admiral Hughes and after spending the first few weeks at the helm, it was and remains clear that Navy Recruiting Command is firing on all cylinders, eager for the opportunities brought by change, and excited about the future.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been lucky enough to serve with some truly phenomenal leaders. One of the characteristics shared by the leaders that inspired me most was that they didn’t have people working for them – they worked for their people. That fundamental tenet of servant leadership is one I’ve sought to emulate in every command I’ve been a part of and will continue to do so here. At Navy Recruiting Command, I work for you. Our shared goal is to deliver what no corporation or defense contractor can at any price: Sailors. In working for you, I will make every effort to remove barriers for our most important teammates, our Recruiters. Together we must ensure we draw the highest quality candidates from America's diverse talent pool to allow the Navy to assure mission success and establish the foundation for Sailors to thrive in a life-changing experience. Sailors are the core of what we do and Recruiters are the center of gravity of the effort to bring in the best.

These are exciting times to be a part of Navy Recruiting Command. In the next issue of Future of the Fleet: Navy Recruiter magazine, we have several articles about the changes currently underway and those to come: “Transformation 101”, “Transformation Q&A”, and a profile on our Transformation Officer. If you weren’t sure about what transformation means for you, your district, and Navy Recruiting Command, I think you’ll find a lot of answers to your questions there.

With any change comes a degree of uncertainty often accompanied by discomfort; institutionally it requires thinking and effort above and beyond the status quo. My strongly held belief is that change invariably brings opportunity. Rather than be a victim of change and forced to adapt when we have little control of the outcome, we will embrace the challenges head on – looking at the future of recruiting and doing what it takes to be even more successful. In short, together we must seize this opportunity!

You have my utmost respect and unwavering commitment,

Rear Admiral Peter Garvin
Commander, Navy Recruiting Command


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