Story by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kyle Hafer, Navy Recruiting Command Public Affairs


MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) - Fire Control Technician 2nd Class Ricardo Munoz, a recruiter assigned to Navy Talent Acquisition Force (NTAF) Mid-South, said he joined the Navy to prove to himself and his family that he has the resilience and desire to succeed. 

Munoz has found success serving in the submarine community aboard guided-missile submarine USS Georgia (SSGN 729), but decided to take his career in a different direction. 

“I wanted to become a recruiter and provide the opportunity to change young adults lives who have nothing going for them, or can’t afford to pay for school” he said. “I want to make sure that I am doing my part to help grow the world’s greatest Navy with the best quality of people. I want to educate people on what the Navy is and what we do as Sailors.”

Since enlisting, Munoz has found a world of opportunities available to him. “It has opened so many doors for me,” he said. “It has allowed me to work on my bachelors of science in computer information systems, concentrating in cybersecurity. And it has provided a great life for my three kids and wife.”

Munoz also believes in giving back to the community in his off-time. “When I can, I help teach young adults to play instruments at my church, St. Francis Catholic Church,” said Munoz. “I've been playing guitar and bass guitar since I was 8 years old and used to play in a church choir with my family. I started teaching back in California before I joined the Navy.”

Munoz said his passion for music is a great way for him to be involved with any community he is a part of all while being a good role model for the youth. 

“It allows kids to escape any rough life they may be involved in and keep them off the streets,” said Munoz. “I like to set a good example for young adults and provide them with an exemplary role model to look up to. It gives the young Latin community a role model to look up to, that anything is possible for them as well, regardless of what barriers may be in place.”

Munoz recruiting responsibilities vary but his primary duty is serving as the leading petty officer of his recruiting station in Bartlett, Tennessee, a position normally held by a more senior Sailor. 

“The Navy gives me the knowledge and the resources I need to be successful in life,” Munoz continued. “All the different training has opened so many doors for the future and brought so many different people into my life that will gladly drop what they are doing to lend a hand. The leadership supports me in my personal and professional goals, and connects me with the right people to help me achieve the goals I set before myself. I am very grateful for their support.”



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